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The Mineseeker Foundation is all about empowering the people that have been affected by war. We do not believe in 'Aid for Aids' sake'. Although it is necessary, the real answer to this problem is to empower the people and give them a sustainable future that they own.

We have, with our partners, developed a number of initiatives that can help the people to do this. The  most important are:

Africa's Got Legs - is our program to deploy mobile prosthetics clinics so that we can get people 'on their feet' again and be ready to work. It will also provide for basic health services and educational programs. Read more here.

Aid Free Zones - a far reaching programme to establish agricultural centres that are profit driven and conform to Fair Trade principles. These Aid Free Zones will allow the communities to grow and develop, Read more here.

The Sole of Africa -  is an umbrella campign that focusses on the creation of awareness of the problems of landmines in Africa. It encapsulates our victim assistance, agricultural, economic, educational and health programmes. Read more here.

So join us now and help us to "Put Your Foot Down" !

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