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About the Foundation

The Mineseeker Foundation is dedicated to the detection,identification and removal of landmines. It seeks to help those people who have been affected by landmines, by rehabilitating the land and ensuring that these communities have sustainable futures.

We have launched the Sole of Africa campaign to help the communities affected by landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO).
You can help us by joining the Sole of Africa campaign.

There are over 100 million land mines buried beneath the surface of this Earth. Someone steps on a mine every 19 minutes, usually women and children. Whole communities live in constant fear and terror. We can stop this with new technology, developed by the British Ministry of Defence and licensed to Mineseeker. It detects all mines in an instant. The system was tested and deployed in Kosovo and featured in the BBC documentary Mineseekers which you may have seen (a copy is available if required.) It represents a major man made disaster, bigger than the Tsunami and Pakistan earthquake combined. The point is we can fix this problem quickly.

The Sole of Africa Campaign, which will take the project much further.Once the mines have been identified and the removal process is under way, the land will then be released for agriculture and a Foster Management team will be installed to teach the communities to sow, grow and sell their own produce, empowering the people to, self help, the only way to solve the mine and famine problem, in the long term.

The significance of this project has led Nelson Mandela, as Patron of Mineseeker to make an impassioned plea to businesses and Captains of Industry to join, with him :
"World business leaders and statesmen to support a new technology that can hasten our quest to rid the world of landmines."

Mike Kendrick
The Mineseeker Foundation
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