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Mineseeker Patrons



Nelson Mandela

NELSON MANDELA  (Founder patron)

“As patrons of The Mineseeker Foundation my wife Graca Machel and I take this opportunity to call upon world business leaders and statesman to support a new technology that can hasten our quest to rid the world of landmines. I call upon you to stand hand in hand with us as we move forward to remove landmines from our planet, once and for all. I thank you”

Queen Noor of JordanQUEEN NOOR OF JORDAN

“I am very hopeful that this new technology will enable us to accelerate the pace of secure de-mining and so the saving of lives and restoration of precious lands and livelihoods to needy communities around the world.”


Lord Attenborough was a strong supporter of the Foundation and assisted us in highlighting the plight of landmine victims.

 Sir Richard Branson

SIR RICHARD BRANSON (Founder patron and now retired).
"Something needs to be done to bring mine action back into the media spotlight. The Mineseeker Foundation and its patrons, I am sure, could make a huge difference, both raising the profile of de-mining efforts around the world, and in helping global communities to social and economic stability."

 Dame Graca Machel                                 

“As a Patron of the Mineseeker Foundation and on behalf of my country, I would firstly like to express my gratitude to our fellow Patrons and all of those who are associated with Mineseeker for taking the initiative in selecting Mozambique as the first country to participate in the launch of this unique landmine technology and the "Sole of Africa Campaign”

 Brad Pitt                                

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with my esteemed patrons in their quest to rid the world of landmines and welcome the challenge. "















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