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Amanda Holden

"I love Africa, which is very badly affected, I have worked there many times and I am honoured to be a part  of a project that will bring help and assistance to so many people that live in fear of their lives".
Candice Hillebrand

"I was very moved by the website the Sole of Africa showed me. I love how this cause will change lives now and for future generations.In the past my involvement has been with The Nelson Mandela Children's fund poster campaign and print ads for AIDS awareness (Red Ribbon)."

Diane Farr
"I've covered the globe over the past decade and each continent has shocked me by the adversities so many are forced to face. Nothing is as bone chilling as the obstacles put upon humans by other humans - particularly those intended to hurt for generations. With all the authority and education available to so many today, don't we also have a responsibility to undo the intended destruction of our predecessors?"
James 'CD' Porter

"I am honoured to become an Ambassador to the Mineseeker Foundation, and hope that I can contribute in some way to helping eradicate the scourge of landmines in Africa
Karen Lewis-Attenborough

"It must be a human right to be free to walk on your own land and provide food for your family. It must be a birth right to be able to use and keep your limbs. These perfectly fundamental freedoms are denied to many. We must give them back"
Lucie Diamond

"I will do everything I possibly can in my own small way, to help raise awareness, and that is why I am going to see for myself the misery and suffering caused to innocent victims, and the good that can be done after we rid the land of these evil things.”
Penny Streeter OBE

"I regard it as a great honour to be involved in this campaign. I grew up in Zimbabwe during the Bush War there and I am well aware of the pernicious danger of landmines. In fact several family friends and acquaintances, both black and white, died in landmine explosions."
Ramiro Mendes

"I will passionately devote my time and give my very best to its mission to rid Africa of landmines, and return the land back to her people! I thank the organization for this wonderful opportunity to serve on such a humane cause, one that will have tremendous impact on the lives of our people for generations to come."
Roberta Flack

Very active as a humanitarian, she recently opened the Roberta Flack School of Music at the Hyde Charter School in the Bronx, which will provide music education to underprivileged students free of charge
Tiffany Persons
Shine On Sierra Leone have joined forces to work in tandem for the rehabilitation of Sierra Leone.  This fruitful partnership has yielded funds to launch four (4) nationwide digital literacy centers that will provide free computer training to students and community members. Land reclamation projects for agriculture and microcredit programs for women are also in development.
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