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Seeker Technologies
Our sister commercial company that develops and deploys the technology to detect landmines and UXO from the air.
Harvest Africa
Is a non profit organisation dedicated to the development of sustainable agricultural programmes in Africa.
The Headway Group
Headway is a privately owned investment and consulting firm investing in and supporting ventures with exceptional returns.The company has positioned itself to capitalize on a myriad of business opportunities in Southern Africa.

Holland & Knight 
Holland & Knight brings legal clarity to complex business issues. More

International Astronautical Federation
The Federation encourages the advancement of knowledge about space and the development and application of space assets for the benefit of humanity.
Is a fully empowered South African advertising and communications agency. They have contributed with PSAs and specialised  videos. More



Shine On Sierra Leone
The mission is to shine a light on Sierra Leone’s needs and create sustainable programs to promote thriving self-sufficient communities.

SBM Digital Systems
SBM has many customers in governmental, educational and the charity sector and understands the unique requirements of these organisations. More


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