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This Is Our World Too
This Is Our World Too
We all know that humans are affected by landmines, but did you know that animals are as well?It's obvious when you think about it, isn't
The Foundation Golf Day
The Foundation Golf Day
The Mineseeker Foundation golf day hosted at the magnificent Astbury Hall Golf Club was hailed by all those involved as a resounding success.
Mandela - A message from Mike
Mandela - A message from Mike
The time has finally come to say goodbye to our friend and founder patron Nelson Mandela. Our thoughts are with his family and the people of
A goodbye to Lord Attenborough
A goodbye to Lord Attenborough
Richard Attenborough passing is a sad loss for us all. Dicky was a Patron of the Mineseeker Foundation.Karen Attenborough and I spent much time

Mineseeker and EnerVue Announce Strategic Oil & Gas Partnership

Mineseeker Operations and EnerVue World Inc. intend to jointly create implementation strategies for the development of oil and gas in landmine affected areas. Whilst each company focuses on its core competencies, the partnership creates the opportunity for rapid development in affected markets. 

EnerVue (, a Canadian oil and gas company led by a team of experienced industry professionals, brings appropriate technical and pragmatic expertise to properly implement petroleum development strategies which meet the ongoing needs of a country and its people with regards to its oil and gas industry.

"Mineseeker is currently involved in discussions with several governments and other organisations holding oil and gas concessions in both Africa and the Middle East and we are excited about the prospect of working with EnerVue to develop sustainable oil and gas businesses in countries affected by landmines," commented Mike Kendrick, Executive Chairman of Mineseeker. "EnerVue shares our view on compassionate capitalism, and sees the opportunity to deliver economic growth for the local populations in these countries, as well as value for investors and governments alike. For Mineseeker, it offers the opportunity to create new markets in aerial surveying and share in oil and gas revenues emanating from the introductions we make to EnerVue that result in oil and gas business developed from the Partnership."

EnerVue's President, Scott Douglas, commented, "We are pleased with the successful signing of this strategic partnership and welcome Mineseeker alongside the EnerVue team. What unites us is the common interest in responsibly demining and developing land where oil and gas opportunities exist. The partnership brings together two likeminded organizations and opens doors to new markets for both of us." He added "We've completed the first phase of a significant equity investment into Mineseeker's holding company NHSH, further cementing the relationship between the two companies."

"There is significant value in the opportunities available to both companies, from this. We are excited to move forward with Mineseeker as our partner." expressed EnerVue's Vice-President, Benjamin Knopp. "Our initial investment is part of a financial transaction, which gives EnerVue the option to increase its stake in NHSH by acquiring a further $2.5m worth of shares over the next twelve months," added Knopp.

Mineseeker Chairman Mike Kendrick is due to visit Southern Africa imminently where negotiations are scheduled to discuss oil and gas concessions in Mozambique. The team has also been invited to visit Angola, an oil rich economy with a significant landmine problem.

The Governments in the region are keen to move ahead in the liberation of oil and gas concessions to enable petroleum companies to begin the process of seismological surveys.

Scott Douglas will also sit on the Mineseeker Foundation advisory board which will share in and benefit from the revenues created by the partnership.

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This short video gives an overview of the plight of the landmine victims, the support for the Mineseeker Foundation and how the Seeker-Tec technology will enable the quick release of land that has been affected by landmines and UXO (Unexploded Ordnance). The video also gives a brief insight into the Seeker-Tec technology for uses other than the detection of landmines.

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