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The Mineseeker Foundation’s primary focus is to assist those who have been affected by the terrible scourge of landmines. While one immediately thinks of persons who have lost limbs, one cannot lose sight of the fact that whole communities have lost access to valuable land for fear of landmines. This has robbed them of the ability to develop land for agricultural and commercial purposes - a massive human tragedy.

The Foundation’s core driver and vision is to create a sustainable future for these people. We do not believe in ‘Aid for aid sake’, we know the right thing to do is to provide solutions that create trade and wealth. These basic building blocks of trade, education and health are the primary cornerstones to the empowerment of the people and their futures.

Our initiatives range from prosthetic programmes to get people mobile and working again, to our Aid Free Zone projects that are commercially driven rather than a ‘one off’ benefit. The Aid Free Zones (AFZ) are the pivotal hub to changing and enriching communities by providing them with the building blocks for sustainability. There are a number of ways one can get involved with the Foundation. These range from posting links on your website to actively investing in some of the Foundation initiatives.

This document outlines our major campaigns that require regular and ongoing funding. More details on each initiative are available on request. The costs that have been given are purely budgetary and will vary depending on the implementation and the level of involvement of each initiative.

By making a donation or by getting involved you will affect the lives of hundreds and thousands of innocent landmine victims, who through no fault of their own have not been able to lead a normal life. By giving them back the ability to look after themselves you are restoring their dignity and giving them a future.

Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic LimbsPreliminary figures that we have received from our sources in Mozambique indicate that there are 13,000 estimated landmine survivors that are in need of artificial limbs. This figure is currently being revised by our Amputee Database initiative
(see below) and we are expecting this figure to grow to in excess of 18,000. The majority of these survivors require replacement legs. These prosthetics vary from below knee, to above knee configurations and in some cases these people are double amputees.

Fitting a prosthetic is not a simple matter. It is not just a case of purchasing a ‘stock item off a shelf ’. Each patient has to first be screened for suitability for fitting a limb. Once this has been completed the new limb needs to be manufactured and then customised for each individual’s requirements. Once fitted the limb needs to be maintained on a regular basis as the patient’s body changes and ‘wear and tear’ occurs. This period is generally from 18-24 months after original fitment. By using high quality components, although the initial cost is higher, the benefits in lower maintenance costs over the years offsets this cost.

Mobile Prosthetic Clinic

Mobile Prosthetic ClinicThe majority of the landmine survivors live in rural and sometimes very remote locations with very little access to
any form of transport. The mobile clinic would be able to reach these survivors in order to provide them with prosthetics and basic health care services on a rotational basis.

During each visit to a location, the mobile clinic would not only fit new prosthetics but also attend to those survivors who require maintenance and servicing of their prosthetics.

Prosthetic Clinic and Workshop

Prosthetic Clinic and Workshop.Currently the Foundation sources its prosthetics from our partners in South Africa as there is no suitable infrastructure in Mozambique. By establishing a permanent clinic and workshop, components could be
shipped directly there and the manufacture/customisation process be done closer to the source. The clinic would be mentored by our prosthetics partners and a programme put in place to train local skills to fulfil
these roles in the future.

The clinic would also serve as an operational hub for the mobile clinics and also provide basic health services.

Water Systems/Boreholes

Water Systems and BoreholesFresh water on demand is taken for granted by many, it brings into homes and businesses health and livelihood with every installation. The phrase “Dying for a drink” can be just too true for many others though. There is a positive, albeit complex link, between water services for irrigation and other farm use, poverty alleviation and food security.

In the vicious poverty and ill health cycle, inadequate water supply and sanitation are both the underlying cause and the outcome; invariably, those who lack adequate and affordable water supplies are the poorest in society.

Collection Points

Coconut Collection PointsThe very heart of the Aid Free Zone Coconut Processing Plant program is the establishment of Collection
Points throughout the coconut region to supply raw materials to the factory. Currently families use their coconut harvest for subsistence and very little is used to generate revenue as there simply is no formal market for them
to sell into. By establishing these Collection Points in each community, a commercial regulated market will be
created allowing families direct access to sell their coconut harvests.

The Collection points will also act as a general store and an agricultural hub where other commodities can be traded or sold. In addition families in the area will be provided with the necessary equipment to prepare the coconuts for processing at the factory.

Virgin Oil Family Units

Virgin Coconut Oil Family Units

A major focus of the Aid Free Zone is to provide families with an income source that they are in control of. By supplying Virgin Coconut Oil Pressing machines to each family, they can supply the AFZ Factory with virgin
coconut oil.

The quality control of the oil will be overseen by the AFZ team and each family will receive the necessary training to use these units. The virgin coconut oil market is very lucrative with high returns.

Amputee Database

Amputee DatabaseA huge task that we are busy with in Mozambique is to identify, register and qualify the people who have been affected by landmines. This requires travel throughout the provinces of Mozambique to remote areas so that the victims can be registered on our database.

The database will also serve as a patients register system for monitoring those who have been provided with prosthetics.

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