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This Is Our World Too
This Is Our World Too
We all know that humans are affected by landmines, but did you know that animals are as well?It's obvious when you think about it, isn't
The Foundation Golf Day
The Foundation Golf Day
The Mineseeker Foundation golf day hosted at the magnificent Astbury Hall Golf Club was hailed by all those involved as a resounding success.
Mandela - A message from Mike
Mandela - A message from Mike
The time has finally come to say goodbye to our friend and founder patron Nelson Mandela. Our thoughts are with his family and the people of
A goodbye to Lord Attenborough
A goodbye to Lord Attenborough
Richard Attenborough passing is a sad loss for us all. Dicky was a Patron of the Mineseeker Foundation.Karen Attenborough and I spent much time
A goodbye to Lord Attenborough

Richard Attenborough passing is a sad loss for us all. Dicky was a Patron of the Mineseeker Foundation.

Karen Attenborough and I spent much time in Mozambique fitting prothetic limbs on people who had their legs blown off by landmines. I know what Karen and her family must be going through now.

Our thoughts are with them. Dicky was a compassionate man, a supporter of the disadvantaged and a friend of the planet. We need more like him.

Mike Kendrick, Chairman - The Mineseeker Foundation

Thursday's Child: The Mike Kendrick Story

Our Founder, Mike Kendrick has just published his autobiography and is a well worthwhile read. The foreword is written by his friend, Sir Richard Branson.

"Thursday’s Child is a warts and all tale which places a Black Country lad under the microscope as we discover how he achieved success - including becoming Sir Richard Branson’s business partner for over twenty years! It is a remarkable story of one man’s journey from a poor council house to the dizzy heights of success. If you are not crying at Mike Kendrick’s suffering - you will be laughing at his expense. Kendrick took up the dangerous and unpredictable sport of hot air ballooning – because he was terrified of heights. Placing himself in almost impossible situations, just for the thrill of the ride and to push himself to the extreme and beyond! We experience his often shameful and promiscuous life in club land. His obsession with aviation and his discovery of true love. How fortunes were made and lost and his life hanging in the balance as one crash followed another. Since 2000 Mike has been chief executive of The Mineseeker Foundation. It was the late Princess Diana who first planted the idea of setting up a charitable company that tried to combat the possible 70 million mines in the world that lay undetected."

The book is available from Amazon and we have placed the link to buy it right here on the website - look left!

A portion of the sales will be donated to the Mineseeker Foundation

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This short video gives an overview of the plight of the landmine victims, the support for the Mineseeker Foundation and how the Seeker-Tec technology will enable the quick release of land that has been affected by landmines and UXO (Unexploded Ordnance). The video also gives a brief insight into the Seeker-Tec technology for uses other than the detection of landmines.

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